Billericay 10k 2017

So after a few weeks of training I thought I’d test my fitness at the Billericay 10k. I was ill around 3 weeks ago and I had to take a week off running so I was little bit concerned about how good my shape was going into the race, after a hard training week which consisted of a 10mile progression run, 45 secs intervals and a fartlek session of 3-2-1 on the the Friday before the race i knew I wouldn’t be feeling that fresh. 

I finished with a time of just over 32mins, pretty average really. I came first which I was happy about but now need to get my head down and start upping the training. I need to get to a point where I’m averaging 120-140 miles a week. My body works well with high mileage so I’m going to start pushing the boundaries now I’m healthy and injury free. 

Back soon! 

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