Tuesday 7th November- Feeling ill

Day off, not much to report today apart from last night I started to get a bit of a sore throat and now I’ve woke up feeling pretty rough. Looks like I’ll need a few days off. Getting ill during hard training and racing is always going to happen and over my running career I’ve tried to really focus on keeping my immune system strong. When you’re looking for a breakthrough performance you have to push hard in training and occasionally this means you cross over the so called ‘red line’. 

On the plus side it’s given me some time to sit down with my dad and focus on planning the rest of my year and the build up to the 2018 London Marathon. 

I’ll be using a similar schedule to what I used when I ran 2.24 for the marathon but this time going a little bit higher in mileage and overall bigger sessions. 

Man two blog posts in a row on consecutive days. I must be feeling ill! 

Hopefully back tomorrow! 

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