Paul Whittaker- Running Injury Therapist

I started running at the age of 16 after playing football for 10 years. My passion for run came about after reading old running training logs of my dads running career and how he managed to get to a good standard while juggling family life and a full time job. He had personal best times of 15.20 for 5000m, 31.30 for 10k and 1.09 for the half marathon.

I always remember speaking to my coach after the first track session I had at Southend Athletic club. He said "Paul, you haven't played football for Essex so give that up! I'm confident you can make the Essex team with your running ability!"

After that moment I gave up football and started to run and at the same time we opened Runners Edge our running store which has now been open for 11 years. From the age of 16-20 I really started to train more often, over that 4 year period I built my mileage up from 25 miles per week up to 80-90 miles per week. This lead me to my first break through race winning the Southend 10k at 20 years old running 31.24

Since then I have improved my personal best times to:

5000m- 14.10

10k Road- 29.40

Half Marathon- 1.06

Marathon- 2.24

Over the past 7 years I have been training hard while working full time at Runners Edge. I have recently qualified as a Sports Injury Therapist where my focus is going to be concentrated on treating injured runners in my treatment room located at Runners Edge. I have seen over 20,000 customers with various running injuries over the last 10 years which has given me a great understanding of what is needed to help runners stay injury free.

Some of the injury prevention treatments we offer at Runners Edge are:


Custom made insoles/orthotics made in-store - £20-£60

(We receive referrals from hospitals and physiotherapists)

In-store Massage Therapy 45-60mins - £25 (discount offered to Southend Flyers)

Running Injury Treatment 60mins - £40 (discount offered to Southend Flyers)

Please get in contact if you would like to book an appointment.

01702 433054